UNCC: Learn - New e-learning tools to support the NAP process

1 March 2014, Bangkok, Thailand: Two new e-learning tools have been developed by NAP-GSP partner UNITAR, as part of the UNCC: Learn project, providing interactive learning on climate change policy, adaptation and planning. These tools can support learning on the NAP process.

Free e-Course: Everything You Need to Know About Climate Change in a Nutshell: This free self-paced e-learning course covers 6 modules including climate science, policy, adaptation, mitigation, finance and planning. It provides 10-12 hours of interactive learning and uses a mix of different approaches including visuals, explanatory text, videos, and quiz questions.  Learners receive a certificate once they have completed and successfully passed all 6 modules. It also comes with downloadable PPT based versions if you want to use it as an instructional tool. The course has been developed and peer-reviewed through UNCC: Learn, a One UN partnership involving 33 organizations.
Just click on the link below and register [please note the course works best with Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome]
Guidance Note for Developing a National Climate Change Learning Strategy: More than 50 countries have expressed interest in developing a national climate change learning strategy. In response to this demand the UNCC: Learn Secretariat has released a Guidance Note which provides methodological and organizational suggestions for developing such a strategy. The Guidance Note also responds to the UNFCCC Doha Work Programme which mandates States to prepare a national strategy on Article 6 of the Convention (dealing with climate change education, training and public awareness-raising). The Note is the product of a three year pilot phase, including five national UNCC: Learn projects to 'Strengthen Human Resource Capacities and Skills to Address Climate Change'. The five pilot countries are Benin, the Dominican Republic, Indonesia, Malawi, and Uganda. The Note has been developed with valuable input from members of the UNCC: Learn Steering Group and discussions at several international and regional meetings.
About UNCC: Learn: UNCC: Learn is a partnership of 33 multilateral organizations which supports Member States in designing and implementing results-oriented and sustainable learning to address climate change. The Secretariat for UNCC: Learn is provided by UNITAR. An important aspect of UNCC: Learn is to support countries develop a National Strategy to Strengthen Human Resources and Skills to Advance Green, Low Emission and Climate Resilient Development through a multi-sectoral and multi-stakeholder process. During the course of 2012-2013, Benin, the Dominican Republic, Indonesia, Malawi, and Uganda have participated as UNCC: Learn pilot countries. Core funding for the 2011-2013 implementation phase of UNCC: Learn has been provided by the Swiss Government.