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The joint UNDP-UN Environment National Adaptation Plan Global Support Programme (NAP-GSP), funded by the Global Environment Facility (GEF), has assisted over 60 least developed and developing countries in identifying technical, institutional and financial needs to integrate climate change adaptation into medium and long-term national planning and financing. The programme has operationally closed in December 2021, but will continue to build on extension work and success of the NAP-GSP through the recently GEF approved project on “Strengthening Endogenous Capacities of Least Developed Countries to Access Finance for Climate Change Adaptation” that will be implemented by the UNEP and executed by START International.

The project will provide support to the Least Developed Countries University Consortium on Climate Change (LUCCC’s) with an aim to strengthen individual and institutional capacities of LDCs to achieve scaled up and effective climate change adaptation by fostering sustained endogenous technical services for project development, policy mainstreaming and strengthening the enabling environment for adaptation to climate change. UNDP will continue to partner with UNEP, by providing advisory services and strategic direction on the project board of the endogenous capacities project, building on the lessons learned and successes of the NAP-GSP project.


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