Advancing climate finance readiness through adaptation planning in Benin

8 March 2016,  Coronou, Benin: Benin has received support for their NAP process, as part of a UNDP mission to move their NAP process forward and launch the GCF Readiness Programme.
An Inception Workshop for the Green Climate Fund (GCF) Readiness Programme in Benin took place on 8 March, in Hotel Azalai de la Plage, Coronou, with over 70 participants. It was led by the Minister in charge of Climate Change, Mr.Theophilus C. Worou, and the Director General of Climate Change, Mr. Ibila Djibril. The workshop was also supported by UNDP, UNEP and NAP-GSP.
In an effort to facilitate implementation for the Government of Benin, the GCF Readiness Programme and NAP support were provided in parallel as part of a joint mission. Benin is working towards their post-Paris commitments (as put forward in the country's  Intended Nationally Determined Contributions - INDCs). In addition, UNDP is running complementary adaptation programmes in the country (including Low Emission Capacity Building Programme and support for INDCs, as well as NAP support).
The UNDP team also held several consultations in Benin with government organizations and international partners to develop a work plan to execute NAP-related components in the GCF Readiness Programme. Adaptation has been highlighted as the key priority for Benin. Advancing the medium- and long-term planning and budgeting through the NAP process significantly contributes towards developing the country's access to climate finance and reducing its vulnerability to climate risks.
Benin is particularly vulnerable to vulnerable to climate change, with an increase in average temperature of 1.1 ° C since 1960, decreased rainfall in places and an increase in others, and a decrease of agricultural yields in the range of 3% to 18%. To tackle the effects of climate change, the Government of Benin has initiated reforms, including the creation of a Ministry for the Environment and Climate Change with Directorate General of Climate Change; the creation of a National Committee on Climate Change (CNCC) and the creation of the National Fund for the Environment and Climate (FNEC), a national entity for the implementation of the Adaptation Fund. The Government of Benin have also prepared and adopted many other strategy documents and programs to enhance resilience to climate change and contribute to mitigation efforts.
The Government of Benin had previously initiated the launch of the NAP process at a workshop supported by NAP-GSP partner, the Global Water Partnership (GWP) in December 2013.