Supporting Madagascar to advance their NAP Process

Project Overview

Apr 2014
A government delegation from Madagascar attends the NAP-GSP / PAG-NAP Francophone Africa Regional Training Workshop, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Mar 2015
The NAP-GSP undertakes a mission to train technical staff from key ministries on climate information and the economics of adaptation
Sep 2015
Madagascar submits its Intended Nationally Determined Contribution (INDC) to the Paris Agreement
Sep 2016
Madagascar ratifies the Paris Agreement and submits its First NDC
Feb 2017
Madagascar submits a Readiness and Preparatory Support proposal to the GCF for potential funding to support their NAP process

Country background, Sustainable Development Goals and Paris Agreement
Madagascar is home to one of the most diverse ecosystems in the world. However, rising temperatures (by 1.1°C to 2.6°C by 2065), and changing precipitations patterns, are projected to lead to severe droughts in the southern part of the country, and to more frequent cyclones and floods in the coastal regions.  These would have serious impacts on the country’s economic development and its achievement of sustainable development goals, especially given the country’s low level of human development and adaptive capacity.
With two thirds of its population living in coastal areas, the majority of its people are exposed to the effects of rising sea levels and tropical cyclones, which already occur three to four times a year, affecting 250,000 people and causing US$ 50 million of damages annually. Furthermore, increases in the duration and frequency of droughts are endangering crop yields and jeopardising food security. 
To cope with climate change challenges and risks, and adapt climate sensitive sectors and regions in the medium- and long-term, Madagascar has set up an ambitious policy framework that includes the 2006 National Adaptation Programme of Action, the 2010 National Climate Change Policy, the 2015 Intended NDC, which was later converted to an NDC in September 2016, and the three National Communications (NC). Several climate change projects have also been implemented with the support of multilateral and bilateral development agencies, but have been limited in scope and geographical spread. 
The national policy underpinning these efforts is the 2015-2019 National Development Plan (PND), Madagascar’s overreaching strategic document. More specifically, the National Climate Change Policy (PNLCC) was adopted in 2010 and aims to develop behaviours conducive to fighting the effects of climate change.  The NAP-GSP is working within these institutional frameworks to plan and implement the country’s NAP.
How has the NAP-GSP supported to date?


Conducted a mission in March 2015


The missions objectives were (a) to train technical staff from key ministries on climate information, economics of adaptation, (b) to consult the main stakeholders on priority support needs, and (c) to sensitize decision-makers in key ministries on adaptation planning and budgeting. 


Assisted the production of a Stocktaking Report

The report was largely informed by the mission, and covers institutional mechanisms, stakeholder mapping, and provides an analysis of climate change initiatives and recommendations for strategic intervention areas as well as a NAP roadmap. Key findings can be found in the Project Details tab and the Stocktaking Report can be accessed here.


Supported the identification of a adaptation planning priorities


Which aim to enable the country to reduce its vulnerability to climate change by strengthening the integration of adaptation into development planning and mid-term planning and budgetary frameworks. 
Helped build capacity and  facilitated access to additional climate finance


The Readiness and Preparatory Support Proposal was submitted to the Green Climate Fund in February 2017 and June 2018.


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Madagascar launch NAP to adapt to the effects of climate change

17 March 2015, Antananarivo – The Government of Madagascar have launched a new National Adaptation Plan (NAP) initiative to assist policy makers to develop strategic national planning to respond, prepare and adapt to the effects of climate change.

> Details and content from Madagascar NAP launch and Training Workshop

17 March 2015, Antananarivo - The Government launched the NAP at the Training Workshop which took place between 11-13 March 2015, with support from UNDP. Details and some content shared at the workshop can be found by following the above link.