Supporting Guinea Bissau to advance their NAP Process

Project Overview

Status of assistance to Guinea Bissau for their NAP process:

  • A Government  delegation from Guinea Bissau attended the NAP-GSP Africa Regional Training Workshop (Anglophone) in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, in April 2014.
  • The government of Guinea Bissau requested support from the NAP-GSP in January 2014. Preliminary discussions took place with the government in July 2014 in coordination with the UNDP Country Office to initiate the NAP process. Guineu Bissau has identified a need for technical facilitation from the NAP-GSP in-country consultations on the NAP process.

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Project Details

PNA - expérience en adaptation au changement climatique

Présenté par la délégation du gouvernement du Guinée Bissau à la Atelier régional de formation en Afrique Organisé par le PAG-PNA - Addis Abeba, Ethiopie, 21-24 Avril 2014.
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Under Implementation
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