LDC negotiators 'champions of positive change'

6-8 July 2016, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia: A training session for LDCs Climate Change Negotiators was held in Ethiopia, organized and supported by UNITAR as part of UNDP/UNEP global programme to build capacity of LDC’s to effectively participate in intergovernmental climate change process.
A total of 26 LDC representatives attended the training session, which aimed to strengthen understanding of the mechanics of the negotiating process within the UNFCCC, inform participants of the main issues related to the entry into force of the Paris Agreement (PA), and develop specific negotiation skills.
Mr. Tosi Mpanu-Mpanu, Chair of the LDC Group, opened the training session, and welcomed participants, underscoring the importance of training to build capacity of junior negotiators.He said,  "As negotiators, you are becoming real champions of positive change in the world." 
The training session included presentations of experience sharing and creative negotiation simulation exercises to help participants enhance their understanding about negotiation processes. Particular emphasis was put on understanding legal language, compliance provision and provisions for the entry into force of  the PA. Approaches and methods of consulting and lobbying were outlined, and specific communication techniques for negotiation and inter-cultural communication modalities were discussed, in the light of how they could be used during UNFCCC negotiation. Three crucial elements of the negotiating process were considered; addressing problems, people (human dimension) and process for preparing to attend a conference. 
Participants responded positively to the training by raising issues related to capacity building, mandates, building positions, understanding others interests and positions, and  resource materials. Participants also became aware of rules and procedures to intervene in negotiation processes, 
The training session helped to establish strong cooperation, coordination and networking amongst the LDC representatives, enhanced their understanding about key issues, and helped to prepare them with knowledge and skills for future negotiations, on behalf of the LDCs.