Support for the Peru NAP roadmap

29 April 2016, Lima, Peru: NAP-GSP and UNDP have provided technical assistance to Peru to advance their NAP process, by working closely with the Ministry of Environment to advise them on the development of the NAP roadmap. NAP-GSP has also provided an overview of the UNFCCC guidelines for NAP, and shared experiences of other countries supported by NAP-GSP to a multi-stakeholder working group during a support mission in April 2016.
Just days after the COP 21 ended in Paris, Peru commenced designing their National Adaptation Plan, with a view to it becoming the instrument for implementing the country's commitments on adaptation, as outlined in its Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs).
Of the nine characteristics which define "particularly vulnerable countries" by the UNFCCC, Peru has seven. To enhance resilience, Peru has been implementing adaptation projects in several regions and sectors. In addition, the country has been testing and expanding systems and strategies designed to address climate change impacts and enhance the country's social and physical resilience. 
Peru now benefits from a wealth of climate information, tools and strategies which have been developed over many years. In contrast to many other countries, which have commenced their NAP process with few resources, Peru's most daunting challenge was to take stock of this plethora of information and processes on adaptation, to better inform development planning. 
The NAP development in Peru is led by the Ministry of Environment and coordinated through a multi-sectoral thematic working group on climate risk management under the National Commission on Climate Change. This is a multi-stakeholder group drawn from several sectoral ministries, including the Ministry of Production, Ministry of Agriculture, and the Ministry of Women and Vulnerable Populations, as well as more central ministries such as the Ministry of Economy and Finance and the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, in addition to several relevant specialized institutes.
As part of the NAP support mission to Peru, the NAP-GSP team met with the core team from the Ministry of Environment to review adaptation advances and develop a NAP roadmap. In addition, support was provided during a one day meeting of the multi-stakeholder NAP group.