Strengthening monitoring and evaluation for adaptation planning in the agriculture sectors - coming soon

The importance of monitoring and evaluation (M&E) of climate change adaptation has been highlighted at global level, including under the UNFCCC Paris Agreement. Simultaneously, adaptation M&E systems are beginning to emerge at the national level in the context of national planning and budgeting processes. To date, limited attention has been given to sector level adaptation M&E, including within the agriculture sectors (agriculture, livestock, forestry and aquaculture) – a gap this technical guidance note hopes to address.
This technical guidance note details how to develop M&E systems for adaptation planning in agriculture sectors. The first section of the guide introduces the general concept of M&E, then outlines M&E of adaptation specifically and explains how adaptation M&E relates to the agriculture sectors. The second section proposes a seven-step process to support the development of M&E systems for adaptation planning in agriculture sectors.  For each step, a list of stakeholders to engage is provided and guiding questions posed for reflection among key stakeholders. Each step also suggests a set of possible actions and outputs, as well as a list of resources for further reading.
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