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Toolkit for value chain analysis and market development integrating climate resilience and gender responsiveness

This Toolkit aims to help countries in selecting and analyzing value chains for opportunities to improve climate change resilience and reduce gender inequalities. Key strengths of the value chain approach include assisting in adaptation planning, analysis of vulnerabilities and hotspots across a value chain, assessing risks at each node, identifying new market opportunities to help communities adapt, and suggesting partnerships in which there is mutual benefit from the implementation of the strategies.

Gender in adaptation planning for the agriculture sectors: Guide for Trainers

This Guide for Trainers, based on workshops in nine countries, provides a complete set of materials for use in training sessions on mainstreaming gender in adaptation planning in the agriculture sectors. It is designed for a trainer or team responsible for delivering a training workshop for stakeholders who are involved in adaptation planning and related budgeting processes in agriculture. 

Finding the Money

Finding the Money - financing climate action

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Making the Right Choices

Making the Right Choices - Prioritizing Adaptation Options

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Keeping the Taps Running in a Changing Climate

Keeping the Taps Running in a Changing Climate - Mainstreaming Climate Change Adaptation into Water Resources

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Morne Prosper Pilot Project - Training Outline

Open Online Course on Gender and Environment

The course will help you better understand the linkages between gender and the environment. It will provide you with the knowledge and tools to mainstream gender, and to be an effective change-maker for sustainable development. It will also give you facts and figures, and a better understanding of the global international frameworks related to gender and environment.

NAP Country-level Training Materials

In response to requests for National Adaptation Plan (NAP) support and capacity building in least developed and developing countries, a NAP country-level training has been designed by GIZ in collaboration with UNDP, UNITAR and UN Environment, under the umbrella of the NAP Global Support Programme (NAP-GSP).

This training package aims to provide general understanding to country teams on the conceptual approach of NAPs and the NAP technical guidelines, produced by the Least Developed Countries Expert Group (LEG).

Guide: Steps in Gender-Integrated Planning (WOCAN)

Guide: Steps in Gender-Integrated Planning, Women Organizing for Change in Agriculture and Natural Resource Management (WOCAN). Shared at Asia Pacific Training Programme: Mainstreaming Gender Considerations in Climate Change Adaptation Projects, December 2017, Bangkok.