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St. Lucia - Building Resilience of the Honey Sector Pilot Project

St. Lucia - Promoting Aquaponics as a Farming Approach Pilot Project

Grenada - Chambord Water Pilot Project

National Adaptation Plans in focus: Lessons from Bangladesh

This briefing on the process to formulate and implement the National Adaptation Plan in Bangladesh considers firstly the country context and the climate change risks. The groundwork for supporting the NAP is considered, covering the policy, planning and budgetary framework, priority adaptation sectors in NDC, climate assessments, the implementation of adaptation actions and plans thus far. The briefing contains a timeline of the Bangladesh NAP process. Challenges, successes and opportunities are also discussed.

Grenada - Pasture Improvement Paddocking Pilot Project

Grenada - Hydroponics Pilot Project

Grenada - Community Cistern Refurbishment Pilot Project

Grenada - Flood Mitigation Pilot Project

Grenada - Climate Change and Weather Variations Pilot Project

Grenada - Rainwater Harvesting Pilot Project