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UNDP Project Document: Adaptation to Climate Change in Coastal Zones of West Africa (ACCC), 18 July 2007

The Project Document, fromJuly 2007, gives detailed information on the ACCC West Africa project. The ProDoc includes a Situation Analysis, with the Global, National and Regional Context, Climate Change Context, Past and Ongoing Activities in the country, Related Donor Assistance, and a Barrier Analysis. Also included is the Project Strategy, Operational Approach, Results and Resources Framework, Budget and Annual Work Plan, Management Arrangements and Coordination Structures, the Monitoring Framework and Evaluation and the Legal Context.

Letter of Endorsement and Commitment Letter - 29 September 2004

Re-Submission WAF - Project Document - 24 April 2006 - Part 2

Re-Submission WAF - Project Document - 24 April 2006 - Part 1

Request for CEO Endorsement - Under the GEF Trust Fund (SPA)

Project Executive Summary - GEF Council Submission, 2006