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Uganda - TACC Project Design Document

Project Design Document for "Carbon Management Schemes for Rural Communities of Mt. Elgon, Uganda

Nepal LDCF ProDoc - 15 November 2012

The Project Document, from November 2012, gives detailed information on the Nepal GEF-LDCF project. The ProDoc includes a Situation Analysis, with the Global, National and Regional Context, Climate Change Context, Past and Ongoing Activities in the country, Related Donor Assistance, and a Barrier Analysis. Also included is the Project Strategy, Operational Approach, Results and Resources Framework, Budget and Annual Work Plan, Management Arrangements and Coordination Structures, the Monitoring Framework and Evaluation and the Legal Context.

Djibouti AF - Project Document

Annexes to ProDoc (January 2012)

Project Document: Effective Governance for small-scale rural infrastructure and disaster preparedness in a changing climate. Lao PDR, 2012.

Project Document: Effective Governance for small-scale rural infrastructure and disaster preparedness in a changing climate. Lao PDR, 2012.

Project Preparation Grant (PPG): Africa EWS, August 2012

Increasing Climate Change Resilience of Maldives through Adaptation in the Tourism Sector - Project Document (2011)

This project aims to strengthen the adaptive capacity of the tourism sector to reduce risks to climate-induced economic losses. The project will establish at least 10 new investment projects to modify operational infrastructure to increase resilience to the impact of climate change and implement 10 community-based adaptation projects between tourism-associated communities and operators. The project will also work to assess the feasibility of market-based risk financing mechanisms, such as weather index-insurance, and ensure that tangible private-sector investments can be leveraged.

Mainstreaming Multilateral Environmental Agreements into Environmental Legislation in Nicaragua

Under the auspices of the GEF intervention, the proposed Project will strengthen the national judicial system and adjust it to present-day changes and conditions in the country’s reality, as well as needs to protect the natural environment. MARENA, the agency in charge of national environmental management, will build up its technical and financial capacities to efficiently promote a better application of legal instruments and elevate its level of compliance.

Strengthening Capacity towards Conventions Implementation through Institutional Strengthening and Professional Development in Uzbekistan - Project Document (2009)

The project aims at assisting Uzbekistan to improve its national environment governance system, by creating adequate national capacity to accommodate global environmental concerns into the national development and environmental management plans. The project’s goal is to effectively mainstream global environmental priorities into national development planning and management processes of Uzbekistan.