UNDP Thailand Project Document (PIMS: 3771)

Project Title: Strengthening the Capacity of Vulnerable Coastal Communities to address the Risk of Climate Change and Extreme Weather Events

UNPAF Outcome(s): 2) Sub-national administrations respond effectively to people's rights in a participatory and transparent manner, based on quality data and evidence-based planning; 4) Improved sustainable utilization and management of natural resources and environment at the community and national policy levels

UNDP Strategic Plan Environment and Sustainable Development Primary Outcome: Promoting climate change adaptation

Expected CP Outcome(s):  (i) Improved responsiveness and quality of social services at sub-national level of achievement of MDGs (ii) Enhanced local democracy and meaningful participation of civil society, especially women and youth, in decision-making (iii) Efficient community network in sustainable use of local natural resources and energy with engagement in policy and decision-making processes (vi) Increased capacity of national focal points in addressing policy barriers to local sustainable management of natural resourcesand environment in selected ecosystems (v) Alternative knowledge management for community learning based on indigenous livelihoods and evidence-based empirical studies that strengthen case for pro-poor policies.

Expected CPAP Output(s) to achieve MDGs:

  • Strengthened capacity of local administrative organizations to support participator planning and mainstream social
  • development and community plans, particularly of vulnerable groups, into broader planning processes
  • Civil society actors including vulnerable groups with increased awareness and legal knowledge about their rights
  • Demonstration of co-management mechanisms and practices between CBOs and government authorities with policy support
  • and budget for local sustainable development initiatives
  • Improved availability of data at national and sub-national levels to support evidence-based planning, policy and
  • decision-making
  • Dissemination of good practices on sustainable natural resource management and use
  • A knowledge system that integrates scientific and indigenous knowledge and is accessible to community networks and
  • policy makers.
  • A knowledge management mechanism and facilities available for community learning, sharing experiences and networking

Executing Entity/Implementing Partner: Thai Red Cross Society (TRCS), in collaboration with Department of Disaster Prevention & Mitigation (DDPM)/Ministry of Interior and Sustainable Development Foundation (SDF)

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