Mainstreaming Global Environmental Aspects in the Planning and Monitoring processes of the National Human Development Initiative (NHDI) in Morocco - Request for Funding Document (April 2011)

This issue of direct and indirect poverty and environment nexus has been recognized by the government in the context of currently launched National Human Development Initiative that aims at addressing poverty issues by introducing effective decentralized system of governance and natural resource management. This process has been informed by NCSA that highlighted importance of capacity development for achievement of mutually reinforcing goals of NHDI and global environmental objectives as stemmed from the “Rio Conventions”.

The cross-cutting capacity building project is designed in closed partnership with NHDI process and will reinforce its effectiveness by a full-fledge global environmental mainstreaming into the process of local development. Benefits of global environmental management through improved land and water management, reversing habitat loss, climate risk management and low carbon development trajectories will be brought into the local development agenda. Local development, supported by the flagship NHDI process, is inherently a cross-sectorial process, whereby all sectoral objectives are brought together in the context of territorial planning and socio-economic development at sub-national level. Therefore, integrating global environmental management targets synergistically into the context of local development offers the way of effective and efficient implementation of Morocco’s obligations to the Rio Conventions.

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