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Building Wildfire Management Capacities to Enhance Adaptation of the Vulnerable Mountain Forests of Armenia - Lessons from Recent Experience

This publication captures lessons learned from the UNDP-supported initiative, “Adaptation to Climate Change Impacts in Mountain Forest Ecosystems of Armenia”, which is financed by the Global Environment Facility Trust Fund’s Strategic Priority for Adaptation (SPA).  Against the backdrop of increasing risk of climate change induced impacts in the unique mountain forest ecosystems of Armenia and especially the intensifying forest fire problem under the aridifying climate conditions, this publication presents the approaches chosen by the project to build the capacities of relevant stakeholders

PowerPoint presentation on Technology Transfer for Climate Change Adaptation: Case Studies in Ethiopia, Colombia and Peru of Projects Supported by the GEF - 2012

This PowerPoint presentation by Laura Kuhl of the Fletcher School at Tufts University examines the challenges, progress, and project design of three ongoing projects funded by the GEF and supported international organizations including the UNDP.

CBA Namibia - CES - Conservation Agriculture Case Study

Harnessing multiple coping strategies for a holistic approach towards community adaptation to climate change: the use of Conservation Agriculture (CA) in Namibia

February 2011

CBA Kazakhstan - Kogal - Success Story

CBA Kazakhstan: Increased fodder production leads to improved cattle breeding

July 2011

CBA Kazakhstan - Akbota - Success Story

CBA Kazakhstan: Improved water management systems increase crop production in the North

July 2011

CBA Jamaica - JCDT - Success Story

CBA Jamaica: Reducing erosion and landslides with sustainable agriculture

August 2011

UNDP-ALM Case study: Zimbabwe - December 2012

Abstract: Long known as the breadbasket of Africa, Zimbabwe has for the last 30 years experienced dramatic losses in agricultural production resulting in critical food and fuel shortages. Coupled with the economic and political constraints, drought and climate change are testing the limits of agricultural production in Zimbabwe. In rural Zimbabwe, and specifically in the pilot project area Chiredzi district, drought is becoming an increasingly common occurrence.

UNDP-ALM Case Study: Mozambique - February 2011

Abstract: The Government of Mozambique recognizes that the country is vulnerable to catastrophes and that the hazards resulting from climate change are exacerbating the persistence of absolute poverty in Mozambique. Of all of the natural hazards affecting the country, drought is the most common and the most devastating. In light of this challenge, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and its partners are implementing the Coping with Drought and Climate Change (CwDCC) project in Ethiopia, Kenya, Mozambique and Zimbabwe.