UNDP-ALM Comoros Case Study (February 2012)

Abstract: Rainfall decline, mean annual temperature and climatic hazard frequency are expected as climate change unfolds in the Comoro archipelago. As a result of these impacts, climate change will negatively impact water supply and quality, both of which are already affected by inadequate management of water resources and deforestation. Comorian communities, autonomous islands' governments, and the national government presently lack the technical capacity, management capacity, physical resources and financial resources to overcome or cope with the anticipated changes in climatic conditions. In direct response to these current and projected needs, this UNDP and UNEP supported and GEF-LDCF funded project, Adapting Water Resource Management in the Comoros to Expected Climate Changew will reduce climate change risks in the water sector. Through investments in water supply and storage technologies, couple with a work programme on institutional development capaccity and capacity development, this project will increase resilence for the island communities against the epxected climate change impacts on water resources.