Ecosystem-based Adaptation in Action: Lesotho

A story of change in  Maputsoe, Thaba Tseka, Lesotho: 
Maputsoe village is located in the mountainous region of Thaba Tseka in central Lesotho. Villagers have traditionally grazed their sheep and cattle on the hillsides and rangelands, and created home gardens to feed their families. The people of Maputsoe have witnessed serious degradation of their landscape. Increasingly severe rains and intense droughts erode the soil and affect their crops and livestock. In response, UNEP – in collaboration with the Ministry of Energy and Meteorology through Lesotho Meteorological Services – began a project to enhance climate resilience in three areas of Lesotho.
This infographic poster captures the story of change in Maputsoe with first-person accounts, visuals and data.