Ecosystem-based Adaptation in Action: Cambodia

A story of change in Chiork Boeungprey, Cambodia:
Chiork Boeungprey is one of 27 Community Protected Areas (CPA) located within the Boeugper Wildlife Sanctuary, in the northern plains of Cambodia. There are wild cattle, large water birds and rare fish species in the 242,500 ha sanctury. The villagers plant rice and fruit trees, raise their livestock, collect resin and other non-timber forest products (NTFPs) within the Boeugper Wildlife Sanctuary. They have long lived harmoniously alongside the forest ecosystems. Climate change is seriously affecting the people Chiork Boeungprey. They experience periods of flooding and drought. Their crop yields are reduced and they are forced to deplete the forests to provide for their famililies. To assist the communities to adapt, UN Environment, in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment began the project ' Enhancing the climate resilience of rural communities living in protected areas of Cambodia' supported by the Adaptation Fund. The project runs from 2013 to 2017. 
This infographic captures the story of change in Chiork Boeungprey through first person accounts, visuals and data.