Mainstreaming global environmental concerns in the post-conflict rapid development of Sri Lanka

Project Overview

Having recently successfully achieved an end to armed conflict in the country, Sri Lanka is in the process of adopting a peaceful and rapid planned development process. Considering the rich biodiversity of the country, the Sri Lankan government recognizes that it is equally necessary to protect natural resources, to safeguard the environment, and to be prudent in the use of the natural assets. However it has been identified that to do so would require additional capacity at systemic, institutional and individual levels for managing and disseminating information.

In an effort to respond to this challenge, this UNDP-supported, GEF Trust fund project, Mainstreaming global environmental concerns in the post-conflict rapid development of Sri Lanka, is to be implemented through two components – the strengthening of environmental data and information systems including global reporting and mainstreaming environment into awareness, planning, decision-making and socio-economic development.

Project Details

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Level of Intervention: 
Key Collaborators: 
Primary Beneficiaries: 
Ministry of Environment, Government of Sri Lanka
Implementing Agencies & Partnering Organizations: 
Ministry of Environment, Sri Lanka
United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
Global Environment Facility (GEF)
Project Status: 
Source of Funds Pipeline
Financing Amount: 
$880,000 (As of 7 November 2012 detailed in PIF)
Co-Financing Total: 
$1,675,000 (As of 7 November 2012 detailed in PIF)

Key Results and Outputs

The project has two components with the following associated outcomes –

Data and information management through the development of a data collection system that covers needs of Rio Convention and Rio+20 outcomes (Outcome 1.1); An accessible and user-friendly national data clearing house, with links to sub-national and sector agencies (Outcome 1.2); Identification of stakeholders with the  capacity to access, use and intepret the information (Outcome 1.3) and;Identification of a set of indicators for environment monitoring and natural resources management supporting both global and national needs (Output 1.4).

Planning and decision-making through ncreased capacity in planning departments to integrate global environment and local environment into integrated planning and monitoring (Outcome 2.1); High level awareness of global environmental values and environmental sustainability and resilience issues (Outcome 2.2) and; Operationalization of the National (Haritha Lanka) Green Strategy and Action Plan that also address global environmental concerns (Outcome 2.3).

Programme Meetings and Workshops

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Reports and Publications


Monitoring and Evaluation

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Tom Twining Ward
Regional Technical Advisor