Supporting Honduras to advance their NAP process

Project Overview

NAP-GSP support to Honduras:

The Ministry of Energy, Natural Resources, Environment and Mines (Mi Ambiente), with the support of the NAP-GSP, the Adaptation Fund Project 'Facing Climate Risks on Water Resources in Honduras' and the Third National Communication and the First Biannual Report, organized a workshop in Tegucigalpa on 16-17 July 2015 to launch the NAP process in Honduras.
More than 50 people attended the workshop, drawwn from institutions and organisations relevant to the NAP process in Honduras. These included Ministries and Government Institutions (MiAmbiente, SEFIN, SAG, ICF, COPECO, INSEP, etc.), private sector (COHEP, IHCAFE), NGOs (Fundación Iniciativas de Cambio Climático, Fundación Vida, Ayuda en Acción) and other relevant actors (GIZ, OPS, Universities, etc.).
During the NAP workshop, participants identified the capacity gaps and needs of Honduras to undertake the NAP process, identified existing information, determined the main stakeholders, etc.
The main result of the workshop was the development by participants of a roadmap for the NAP process. This road map will be used as a general guideline by MiAmbiente to start and continue the NAP process in 2015 and beyond.
The NAP process in Honduras is part of the overall approach to climate change in Honduras, and supports and complements other processes coordinated by the National Climate Change Office (DNCC) at MiAmbiente, which includes the update of the Action Plan of the National Climate Change Strategy (PAENCC), the Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs), Technology Needs Assessment (TNA) in adaptation and the Institutional, Policy and Public Expenditure Analysis on Climate Change in Honduras.



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