Supporting Liberia to advance their NAP Process

Project Overview

Status of assistance to Liberia for their NAP process:

A GCF-funded project "To advance the National Adaptation Plans (NAP) process for medium-term investment planning in climate-sensitive sectors (i.e. agriculture, energy, waste management, forestry and health) and coastal areas in Liberia" was launched in March 2018. The project will work to strengthen institutional frameworks and coordination for the implementation of the NAP process, expand the knowledge base for scaling up adaptation, build capacity for mainstreaming climate change adaptation into planning, and budgeting processes and systems, and formulate financing mechanisms for scaling-up adaptation, including public, private, national and international.
NAP-GSP support:
The NAP-GSP has prepared a publication 'NAPs in focus: Lessons from Liberia' in coordination with the Government of Liberia.
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of the Government of Liberia (GOL) requested support from UNDP in 2015 to help identify entry points and a plan to institutionalise their NAP process. In response, NAP-GSP supported the Government to facilitate the start up of the process and conduct a stocktaking of Liberia’s relevant NAP activities. 
The EPA-GOL organized a four-day multi-stakeholder meeting from May 13-15 2015 in Buchanan, held in French. NAP-GSP facilitated the meeting to identify with entry points for the GoL to institutionalize Liberia’s NAP process.
Present at the opening event were the Executive Director of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Grand Bassa's County Superintendent, the Mayor of Buchanan City, UNDP’s Deputy Country Director, and nearly 50 participants from various Ministries and Government Agencies of Liberia. During the workshop, the main aspects of the medium term NAP process were discussed, reflecting on lessons learnt from the ongoing climate change initiatives under the National Adaptation Programme of Action (NAPA). 
Based on the discussions at the meeting as well as a comprehensive review of ongoing relevant activities in Liberia, NAP-GSP undertook a stocktaking of Liberia’s activities relevant to the NAP process and recommended next steps. A Stocktaking Report was prepared, covering Liberia's climate change vulnerability and the NAP process. It outlines the relevant processes, actors and entry points, reviews Liberia's Climate Change Strategic Plan and Climate Change Action Plan, provides recommendations for strategic intervention areas and a NAP roadmap.
> Please email to access the Stocktaking Report for the NAP process in Liberia

A Liberian Government delegation attended the NAP-GSP Africa Regional Training Workshop (Anglophone) in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in April 2014.

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Liberia's climate change adaptation experiences - overview:

Presented by the Liberia delegation at the NAP-GSP Africa Regional Training Workshop (Anglophone) in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in April 2014

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8 March 2018, Monrovia, Liberia - As Executive Director of the Environmental Protection Agency, Madam Anyaa Vohiri ensures Liberia’s commitment to multilateral environmental agreements.
July 10 2017, Songdo - The Government of Liberia has recently received US$805,000 as part of a US$2.2 million Green Climate Fund grant to support its national climate adaptation planning process. The release of funds to the West African country represents GCF’s first transfer of adaptation resources to a least developed country (LDC).


May 15 2014, Monrovia - The first National Adaptation Plan (NAP) training workshop for Liberia was held from 13-15 May 2015, at the Bassa Women Development Association Training Center in Buchanan City, Grand Bassa County, commencing the NAP process in the country. 
April 2014, Addis Ababa - A slideshow presented by the Liberia delegation at the NAP-GSP Africa Regional Training Workshop (Anglophone) in Ethiopia in 2014

Country Initiatives

National Adaptation Plans in Liberia

Strengthening Liberia's Climate Information and Services to Enhance Climate Resilient Development and Adaptation

This project responds to priorities and actions identified in the Liberia's NAPA which articulate the need for securing, transferring and installing critical technologies, as well as developing the necessary systems for climate change-related information to permeate into decision-making processes. The technologies required to achieve these aims will increase the capacity of the national early warning network to forewarn and rapidly respond to extreme climate events. 

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Project Brief / Fact Sheet

National Adaptation Plans in focus: Lessons from Liberia