Supporting Gambia to advance their NAP Process

Project Overview

Status of assistance to the Gambia for their NAP process:

  • The Government of The Gambia participated a side event in COP 21 on 'Adaptation Finance: what countries can do to scale up adaptation finance' on 3rd December 2015. Alpha Jallow (The Gambia, UNFCCC Focal Point) described the enabling framework in the Gambia and mentioned the goal to mobilize internal funds through taxation as well as international climate funds.
  • The Department of Water, Ministry of Fisheries and Water Resources of the Government of The Gambia together with NAP-GSP teamed up for a national NAP planning meeting, a stock-taking and development of a NAP roadmap for Gambia.
  • The National NAP stakeholder workshop was conducted from 17 - 19 June 2015. With more than thirty participants attending, the two days workshop covers modules such as climate information for vulnerability assessment and mainstreaming adaptation into development planning. The road map takes into account on-going investments and planning initiatives that are contributing towards the NAP process.
  • The Government of the Gambia has identified several potential areas that could add value for strengthening the mainstreaming of ongoing climate adaptation into ongoing planning processes through the NAP process. These would build upon the foundation laid out in relevant initiatives, such as the Programme for Accelerated Growth (PAGE) which includes climate change in priority areas, such as in the Agriculture and Natural Resources sectors and Education.
  • The Gambia is in the process of forming a national NAP team composed of 12 institutions. 

Potential areas for value added identified by the government:

  • Address climate information gaps, and also to enhance capacity for key stakeholders in government to use and update this climate information data for mainstreaming adaptation into national and sectoral planning;
  • Undertake vulnerability mappings in sectors and cross-cutting areas;
  • Appraise and prioritization of sectoral options;
  • A review of institutional arrangements for promoting the integration of climate Change policies priorities into budgetary and expenditure management;
  • A review of the integration of climate change objectives within the budgetary process, including as part of budget planning, implementation, expenditure management and financing;
  • NAP stock-taking and preparation of a road-map;
  • Laying the ground for a Climate Public Expenditure and Institutional Review (CPEIR).

Previous NAP-related activities and updates

  • In July 2013, the Government of the Gambia requested support on conducting a Climate Public Expenditure and Institutional Review (CPEIR) to help inform its National Adaptation Plan process.
  • UNDP is continuing to discuss with the development of CPEIR for Gambia, with a view to informing policy discussions on how best to integrate climate change risks into national planning and budgeting.
  • The results of the CPEIR is expected to support the Gambia with national efforts related to the implementation of green, low-emission and climate-resilient development strategies (Green LECRDS), and advance the development of a successful NAP for the Gambia.