Senior LDC negotiators advance their skills ahead of COP 21

13-14 October, 2015, Bonn, Germany: A Seminar for Senior LDC coordinators and negotiators on climate change was held in Germany, designed and delivered by UNITAR as part of a broader UNDP/UNEP global programme to build capacity of least developed countries (LDCs) to effectively participate in intergovernmental climate change processes.

Twenty-seven participants from key positions in government, international organizations, NGO’s and academia attended the seminar. The seminar aimed to provide a forum for lead climate negotiators and coordinators from LDCs to reflect as a group on key negotiating issues in preparation for the COP 21 in Paris.

The seminar included dynamic plenary discussion and break out groups to draw experiences and exchange knowledge about other multilateral agreement processes.

Topics included: Overcoming deadlocks in international negotiations, options and implications, designing and implementing a negotiating strategy.

Following the seminar, participants reported an increase in their awareness of negotiation complexity and an improved understanding  about deadlocks in multilateral negotiations contexts. They also indicated that their skills had been enhanced in negotiation methods, and their understanding of the basic pillars of team-building and coordination.

Constructive suggestions were received following the seminar, including the requirements to provide materials in advance, seek further integration into existing programs and continue to provide interactive learning and knowledge exchange opportunities.

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