NAP-GSP Resources

In response to requests for National Adaptation Plan (NAP) support and capacity building in least developed and developing countries, a NAP country-level training has been designed by GIZ in collaboration with UNDP, UNITAR and UN Environment, under the umbrella of the NAP Global Support Programme (NAP-GSP).

This training package aims to provide general understanding to country teams on the conceptual approach of NAPs and the NAP technical guidelines, produced by the Least Developed Countries Expert Group (LEG).

Evaluation report of the first training in July 2015 in Bangkok, Thailand, held to strengthen the ‘emerging’ negotiators’ understanding of the mechanics of the negotiating process within the UNFCCC, and to help them effectively support their delegation on the main issues. The training focused on specific negotiation skills and ways in which these skills can best be used to further the national objectives as well as those of the wider LDC negotiating group in the context of climate change negotiations.

This seminar was designed and delivered by UNITAR as part of a broader UNDP / UN Environment global programme to build the capacity of Least Developed Countries (LDCs) to participate effectively, both individually and as a group, in intergovernmental climate change processes. 

This is the first of several training programmes to be delivered over the course of 2015 and 2016 to build the capacity of LDCs to effectively participate in intergovernmental climate change processes.

With mounting scientific evidence of the impacts of climate change and as public awareness of climate change has increased, more sophisticated capacity development approaches are being embraced. These can make better sense of the complex mix of institutional measures needed for adaptation planning to be successful backed by well-tailored and recurrent skills development.
This skills assessment framework is derived from experience acquired during a joint UNDP-UNITAR Global Water Partnership mission carried out in Niger in May 2014, under the NAP-GSP.
In response to the need for NAP support and capacity building, a NAP country-level training has been developed. This new training aims to provide a general understanding of the conceptual approach of NAPs and the NAP technical guidelines, produced by the Least Developed Countries Expert Group (LEG). This factsheet outlines the NAP Country Level Training, which aims to develop capacity for multi-sectoral involvement in the NAP process.

Water, Climate and Development Programme for Africa - Support to National Adaptation Planning Processes