The Gambia: Integrating climate change risks into planning and finance

7 July 2013: The Government of the Gambia has requested support on conducting a Climate Public Expenditure and Institutional Review (CPEIR) to help inform its National Adaptation Plan process.

UNDP has commenced supporting the Gambia to develop a CPEIR with a view to informing policy discussions on how best to integrate climate change risks into national planning and budgeting. The results of the CPEIR is expected to support the Gambia with national efforts related to the implementation of green, low-emission and climate-resilient development strategies (Green LECRDS), and advance the development of a successful NAP for the Gambia.

UNDP is currently working with the Government of the Gambia to commence the CPEIR exercise before the end of 2013. Further support needs for the Gambia to advance its NAP are also under discussion.
The process of CPEIR provides key building block for countries to develop a climate fiscal framework – which can help assess the demand and supply for climate funds and the sources of funds available from domestic and external sources. The CPEIR exercise is expected to assist the Gambia to improve the country's prioritisation, efficiency and effectiveness of all public resources in support of climate adaptation.
A United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Global Environment Facility (GEF) led technical team is discussing the concept of a climate fiscal framework with key representatives from the Government of the Gambia, and development partners.