Global Environment Facility - Strategic Priority on Adaptation

In response to UNFCCC guidance, the GEF established the Strategic Priority on Adaptation (SPA), in 2004 as a $50 million allocation inside of the GEF Trust Fund. The SPA was a groundbreaking initiative designed to support pilot and demonstration adaptation projects that provide real benefits and can be integrated into national policies and sustainable development planning. SPA funding was accessible to all countries eligible for GEF funding.

The SPA aims at reducing vulnerability and increasing adaptive capacity to the adverse effects of climate change in any or a combination of the six GEF focal areas. “It supports pilot and demonstration projects that address local adaptation needs and generate global environmental benefits”.

For more information, visit Strategic Priority for Adaptation (SPA) | Global Environment Facility and click here for SPA Project highlights.

UNDP-GEF SPA-funded projects are listed below: