Details and content from the DRC NAP Training Workshop

5 October, 2014, Kinshasa, DRC - The DRC National Adaptation Plan (NAP) Training Workshop took place between 1 - 3 October 2014, at the Cercle Elaïs in Kinshasa, DRC. The meeting was organized and led by the Government of DRC with support from NAP-GSP, the UNDP Country Office and GWP. Additional support was provided by GIZ.
The DRC NAP Training Workshop was an opportunity to plan and develop sectoral activities to support longer term adaptation planning. It also facilitated stakeholder dialogue to determine the appropriate institutional arrangements for the implementation of the NAP process.
An important objective was to engage political decision makers and policy makers at the very start of the NAP process in DRC. Approximately 50 participants attended the workshop from the Min. of Environment, Min. of Finance, Min. of Agriculture, Min. of Planning, Min. of Health, Min. of Budget, Min. of water and Electricity resources, Min. of Home Affairs, Min. of Gender, Min. of Transport, METTELSAT (Meteorological institute), Civil Society, University of Kinshasa, UNEP, African Model Forests Network, AfDB and WB.
During the workshop, key stakeholders made presentations on the context of the NAP in the DRC and presented relevant activities, initiatives and findings. Specific technical presentations were delivered by NAP-GSP collaborating partners GIZ on vulnerability assessments and M&E, and by UNDP on appraising adaptation options and climate scenarios. The participants were also trained on the UNFCCC/LEG Technical Guidelines and discussed their implementation in working groups. On the last day of the workshop, the participants gathered in working groups to draft a roadmap for the NAP process for DRC.